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 Grateful Dead Family Podcast

EP 74 - Something Phishy with our new Amigo mike Finoia

Comedian, Writer, and Amigos Podcast Host Mike Finoia is our guest this week! We talk about his journey to becoming an extremely successful Stand-Up Comic, how he came to host a comedy/music Podcast, his weird dreams, his love of Phish, never getting to see the Grateful Dead, and being the last one to actually interview Ken Kesey plus a whole universe of other topics.

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For all his stand-up tour dates, news, and info head to: www.mikefinoia.com


EP 73 - A grand new member of the no simple road family

On 11/11/2018 (2+0+1+8=11) our Grandson, Jasper Hazel Leven Winn, incarnated into this plane of existence. We talk to our Daughter and Son-In-Law, Sydney and Adam, about the whole experience from their perspective, what it's like to bring a baby into this oddball Family, recap the whole night of the Big Event, chat about how this will affect the lives of Sydney's acting and Adam's music, and discuss the merits of reading Tarot cards while in the throes of a 26 hour labor! This is an extra special, extremely personal, and totally monumental episode for all of us!

Check out the new Mommy's IG @syderoni

Head over to swimmmusic.com or @swimmmusic on IG to check out the amazing music this little baby's Pops is creating!


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