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Below is a list of the events and interviews we have coming up. If you're in the area or feel like taking a trip come cut a rug with the No Simple Road Crew and meet The Family!

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Grateful Dead Family Podcast

EP 78 - Some podcast…. to get to terrapin: NSR & THe Higgs live at terrapin crossroads

This is a landmark episode for the No Simple Road Crew! Our first live podcast and it’s from the legendary Terrapin Crossroads with our Brothers The Higgs! The Porch moves to the stage in the bar at TxR as we talk to John, Garrett, David, and Jessie about how they came together as a band, breaking down on the road, manifestation and maintaining a positive attitude, magic doors, what it feels like to be coming up. Stay tuned after the interview for the entire live performance by The Higgs!

Go to: www.thehiggsmusic.com for tour info. merch, music downloads and more!!!



Barnaby from Bullfrog Moon joins the No Simple Road Crew this week to talk about creating a band that covers the greats like Phish, the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, The Doors, & The Allman Brothers. This is a hard working tribute band playing the North Carolina Brewery scene and we dig into how family is at the center of all of what they do, the experience of playing the music that makes us shake and groove, the beauty of having the music play the band, and a whole lot more! Another member of the No Simple Road Family comes to The Porch!

For info on where Bullfrog Moon will be playing head over to their Facebook Page 

Follow them on Instagram @bullfrog_moon 


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