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EP 66-Putting on the tin foil hat with comedian sam tripoli

Comedian Sam Tripoli comes and spends some time with the No Simple Road Crew. We take a journey through the land of conspiracy theories and the major issues we're facing. Sam is the Host of The Tin Foil Hat Podcast and a headliner comedian. There's a ton going on in his head and this is a perfect snapshot of the landscape swirling in that grey matter.

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Aaron S. from @aarons_picks on Instagram hangs out with us this week on No Simple Road. Not only do he and Aaron share names and initials with each other but we find out so much more about this thoughtful, intentional, and creative being! We learn that life is too short for 6's and 7's, how Aaron runs his own Organic/Vegan food company, why he creates those amazing and inspirational IG videos, why people love to watch someone dance and a list of things too long for this space! Strap in and get ready for some deep and fun conversation!

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Check out his amazing food at www.loveforce.net


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