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EP 63-Unmasking Mapache with Sam & Clay

Sam Blasucci and Clay Finch of Mapache and Grateful Shred often gather around a single microphone to capture their songs live in a take or two at most. On the road, they begin charming audiences instantly, captivating crowds with their mesmerizing harmonies and intricate guitar work from the very first notes. This week they've gathered with us backstage at Mississippi Studios before their show here in Portland and we talk about the beginnings of Mapache, how they met, how they got turned on to the Grateful Dead, and how to properly share a burger with your Brother!

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Artist Dale Dreiling is our guest this week on No Simple Road! This wizard of Graphic Design takes us through his roots in the Punk Rock scene of Ventura into his experiences in finding the music that has shaped our lives with the Grateful Dead, what it means when what you love finds the ‘main stream, breaking into the ranks of the Graphic Design world, the overlap of the Punk Rock ethos and the Grateful Dead, and a whole lot more!!!

You can check out Dale’s work on Instagram at: @daledreiling

Or head over to see his portfolio and info at: daledreiling.com


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