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EP.30-Listening for the secret with John Kadlecik

John Kadlecik joins the No Simple Road Crew and takes us to school! We talked about his life's trajectory, the evolution of music, the San Francisco music scene and Family Dog, and really get to know the man behind the beautiful music. You guys are gonna love this one and you are gonna learn a bunch!

Also... No Simple Road had joined a larger family, The Osiris Network which just happnens to be partnered with Relix Magazine! Oh yeah, it's kind of a big deal for lil ol' us (and you guys too)! Check out osirispod.com to find all the cool podcasts in our extended family!


EP.29.5-the un-episode episode

We are waiting to release our weekly episode until this Tuesday but we didn't want to leave you all hangin'. So, here's the Schapladay Crew chilling in the basement talking about what is coming up in the next few months and thanking you guys, the NSR Family for being the most amazing group of humans out there! Stay tuned this coming Tuesday for our announcement and an interview with John Kadlecik!


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