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EP.48-into the mystic with jake weaver

This week's guest is Jake Weaver. Jake has spent quite a while navigating the scene we all call home and has some extremely interesting information he's acquired through his travels. We spent the afternoon talking about how we handled the world after Jerry Garcia left this incarnation, being 'drafted' by The Grateful Dead, the energy field of psychedelics and poking through the dimensions, and so much more I'd be here all day tryin' to get it all in here! It's a heady 3 hour deep dive into our culture and the scene.



The No Simple Road Family is growing! SWIMM Drummer Adam is the Father of my soon-to-be Grandbaby! We have the whole SWIMM Tribe on to discuss psychedelics as a catalyst for creativity, their new album 'Sentimental Porno', how friendship is the basis for the band, and how having a little one in the mix will affect the dynamics. This is a special Father's Day episode of No Simple Road folks!!!

Check out the new album 'Sentimental Porno' on Apple Music or anywhere you stream or download your tunes.

Head over to www.swimmmusic.com for all their tour dates, news, and info.


No Simple Road Family 

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